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Great to read about a normal family day out kPat.
Looking back I can’t recall too many days like that with my family. It was usually just me,with them while hubby worked round the clock to provide for us. If I had my way all over again, I would do things differently.
I laughed when I read about Goofy and your husband. Maybe you should have got him to “trottle” your son while he was at it and whisper a few sweet nothings in his ear!!
Did he own up to taking out your car?
I don’t mean to be too hard on him. I have two boys and a daughter. My youngest son was a very disobedient child. He was always strong willed (like me) and when he was corrected for doing one thing, he would stop and do something worse. I used every tactic possible. Mostly I gave him a “second chance” (about a hundred times!) In hindsight, I was rewarding atrocious behaviour a lot of the time. If he had been taken in hand earlier he might have changed . He has good points and great intentions but I seldom see him now. He never settled down as far as I can tell. I know when he does come to his senses he will outshine the lot! I will never give up hope and I just pray every day that he will come back to the right road to Salvation before it’s too late.
You know it says in the Good Book that parents should discipline their children. I also know some need the gentle touch and others need tough love. Difficult to get the balance right. I made many mistakes.
I see a lot of indiscipline around me and we all know where that leads us.
Gambling will solve none of our woes kPat. We both know that.