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Great to see you back old boy. Fantastic post, full of positivity. Like you I actually feel like I am climbing out of the pit – have just started infact. I am actually coming to terms with what I have done and the ramifications. I am glad of what happened, as it is leading me to a better place. A better me. One without all my faults. I was mseed up prior to falling ill with gambling, whether it was alcohol, drugs or other forms of self medication. The gambling is merely the latest, but the one which might actually cure me – oddly.

I am so pleased to hear such positive words from you, and I am heartened by your post. If you can can it we all can. It just takes courage to act.

Awesome about your son and hopefully your relationship will heal.

Stay around JohnNObody (love that name) and keep up informed of your progress – it is good for all our souls to share in our recoveries.

Love ya!