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Hang in there M.
I had a very close call myself. It was a sheer act of God that I did not have to post the very same thing. I hope you can see how far you have come. All those good days aren’t really subtracted by the bad.
Just pick it back up and move forward. I wish I could say something profound, something that you would read and say, Wow! That’s the key to this whole thing. I don’t know what I am going to do myself from week to week with this brain of mine. I know I don’t want to gamble. Not really, I don’t want to keep hurting myself. Neither do you. So don’t hurt yourself with negative thinking right now. Think on good things. Think on your thankful lists.
If I had posted that I had gambled, would you be very angry at me? Or would you be sad for me? Probably sad, but not very angry, treat yourself to some positive affirmations.
I will get you started:
Mickey really is a hard worker.
Mickey loves animals.
Mickey has been serious about adding exercise to his routine.
Keep your head up!