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I went on my morning walk. I noticed my right knee starts hurting about 3/4 of the way. It feels better once I’m done. Probably arthritis!!! I rub a little bit of muscle cream on it, much better. I will work through it. Nothing is nearing fruit yet, but my garden plants are getting big and starting to flower. Maybe the m middle of July, I will have some fresh vegetables. It’s fun to watch everything grow and have the end product to enjoy. I’ve made my call this morning I will be able to juggle things so I can financially make I can make it next month. Yeah!! Then I can get back on track. My neighbor across the street is upset with me. She calls me and wants me to drop everything to take her places. Just because I’m home doesn’t mean I’m available. She’s getting pushy when I tell her no! She got along just fine before we started talking. Her Son is still there and can take care of her. She’s treating me more like her caregiver than her friend. So I’ve decided that I will limit my time with her. Anyways, today at the library a local author is giving a talk on her latest book. I’m going. It should be interesting. Keeping busy and gamble free!