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RG, thanks for your post! I use organic dirt and add my compost to it! It works for me! I have raised beds also. Just keep trying! Sometimes I have plants that don’t mature. Some seeds are old and don’t mature. Last year I didn’t plant a garden as I had my Granddaughter and couldn’t find the time. It’s a daily thing, watering, pulling out unwanted weeds and grass but when you see your plants breaking the soil, all of your hard work will pay off.
As for the economy, I’m worried! Our President is bailing out many companies including cruise lines but refuses to help the company that I retired from. My Husband and I have a combined 59 years of service. Without that pension, my living situation won’t be the same. I ***** on that check! I have thought of my OPTIONS! It’s good to have options but to sell my house and move to a more affordable area (city) would be sad. But sometimes we have to do things that we don’t want to do. Of course, as long as I have my family, it would work!
So I’m just keeping the faith!!