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Well seems another year is past. Thank God as I would not like to repeat this one!
After weeks of bagering I called the insurance myself and was told my appeal was declined. The pump provider called me and I canceled my order. At 3:30pm my Dr office called me to say the apeal worked and I was approved! How can that be? I am po’d at the Dr office as I had called them first and the gal who was working my case said she would call in the afternoon. I expressed that we were at the 11th hour and they still waited until the later afternoon to call!
I called the supplier back-and caught the snotty girl I am working with and she was leaving for the day. She has to contact my insurance today and get the approval. I told her-again-this is it. Get the order in or forget it as I can’t afford the co-pay.
It’s in God’s hand. I have learned I can’t control people places or things.
Wishing everyone the Happest of New Years!