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Have learned that lesson this past week, BSB. Won a massive amount and couldn’t walk away. Wanted more and more. I have been trying to cope with the loss this week. I know from here on out, that I must be happy with the salary that I make. Fast money isn’t going to make everything better. Might be the best thing that has happened to me. Have to appreciate the grind and the feeling of success that comes with it. My inner weakness just can’t handle that kind of winning. I had been conscious about my money for the past year and the slow build up of savings is what kept me stable. My fast rise and downfall this last week has put more stress on me that I have ever had and I never want to feel that again. The jackpot feels enriching at the time but it has its consequences on our metal state. We’re just not cut out to leave when we are up. And the dramatic fall that comes after the rise, lives on longer than that short high.