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He seems to be slowly admitting he has a problem. 2 times gambling since Edmonton has turned into admitting 4-5 times…
He is so sad that me and our son are now living at my sisters. He has begged me soooooo much to give him one more chance, that he will do anything I want just to give him another chance including going to Gamblers Annon. meetings. He says he is going even though he doesn’t think he has a gambling problem. He is even going to pay our rent and all bills himself for the summer while our son and I are in another province visiting my family. I hope he can do it! I really do want to give him another chance. But that this point they are only words….I wish he could fix things over night! haha! I wish we were a happy family and that we were still getting married this summer….unfortunately that is NOT going to happen. Maybe never….trust is gone….sucks. He knows that if he doesn’t do good this summer when we are away that im getting my own apartment with our son. I part of me says I should do it anyway but I part of me still has hope. BUT! What is he does really good for only 3 months and then starts lying and gambling again???? He owes government like $6500 right now and has a payment plan for the next 14 months…do people leave people because of stuff like that? Hopefully I will learn some things when I go to the meeting for families of gamblers. This really sucks. What if I never feel i can marry him…i really did want to…I hate this…….my life is a fucking gamble!