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I remember once being in a plant nursery and being shown around by one of the staff and he took some small seedlings out to show me and said that they were being nourished whilst they healed (from frost or something) and when they were stronger they would be planted out – where they would flourish.

I sometimes thing we are like that. There are times when we have to take time out to heal – and there are times when we can move forwards and flourish. I think the important step is to know when to step outside.

Watching netflix and reality shows might be part of your healing – it is what your mind needed then and you allowed yourself to do it. Now you are questioning it – perhaps it is time to move forward.

At this time of lock-down, virtually everything is on-line – so decide what you want to do and make it happen. Charles has started a thread on this forum on things to do whilst stuck at home – try some things out.

Making meaningful connections might take more time – but I am sure through social media and forums you can find people with the same interests as you to “chat” with – perhaps with a view to meeting up for real when this lock-down is over.

I think this enforced period of sobriety will work in your favour, you know you can’t go back to gambling – even scratch cards and raffle tickets are a no-no for a non-gambler as you now are. Find those interests and indulge them. Enjoy the life you deserve Kolberg! I wish you well.