I thought of you tonight Cathy, when I met 4 new young men in GA. First timers. They heard wise words from the older men. I hope it turns them off gambling forever and a day. I admire them for giving GA a shot (even if they were pushed in my their wives and girlfriends!) lol . You have to start somewhere.
“What is said in the Room stays in the room ” so I have to be careful not to breach anonymity but I did observe that most of these guys were baled by my their mothers. A mother thinks we are showing love to our sons and all the time we help them to drink more and more from the poison chalice and it’s not only mums of CGs who do this. 90%of the mams I know give our sons far too much too easily, then wonder what went wrong.
Not saying you ever did, Cathy but I sure did.
Awareness is the key.