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I see it’s been months since your post , I wonder did you get help . I’m in a similar situation , and just revealed to my husband that I have a problem . My insurance is about to be cancelled my car note unpaid , I told my landlord if pay next paycheck . All I bought was groceries then I spent the rest of both my husband and my paycheck . I make good money too , nothing to show last year we moved from Maryland to Florida when I got us evicted for not paying rent . I read casinos were illegal here . Come to find out tribal casinos are not and. Ow I drive about 4 hrs each way to give up all my money , I won a lot , but I give it all back . The casino always makes sure I have a free room and comp dollars for food . I hope I can stay away , but I’m already thinking of how I can sneak back now that I’ve confessed to my husband and 16 he old daughter I have a problem , I even told him I’ve been lying and telling g him I’ve been at work and driving to the casino instead . This is easy because I work 12 hr shifts overnight as a nurse and he works during the day . So while he is asleep I’m gambling and while he is at work I come home before he gets home . Too easy . So easy that I’m thinking about it right now . Except my bank account is negative and I gave him all the cash we had yesterday for safe keeping when I confessed . I swear if it weren’t for that I’d probably say i was picking up an extra shift and be on that drive . I always think I’m going to leave with enough money to fix out problems . He thinks we have not money because I’ve been paying an 1100 student loan payment , which I haven’t paid in 2 years input it in deferment which ended in February so there’s that too …