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Laura, so sorry that you were having a tough time with your partner. Life can be so challenging at times, and it is at those times that I want to just run away. I suppose that is where the gambling came in, it was my way of running away. Thanks for posting that link of P’s site about withdrawal etc. I am thinking of buying the book, but I just read some of the information about the withdrawal symptoms lasting two years. I think sometimes we expect so much of ourselves and if we are not gambling then we should be fine, but it is not the case. I really do think now, that I wish I knew then, what I know now, as I should have been respecting myself so much more and setting boundaries. I cant go back though so all I can do is keep working on myself.
I am also working on our basement and purging. On top of that we are renovating the basement so it is non stop, but I really wish I could be more motivated with it. I find that I get into “funks” as I call them and it is difficult to be upbeat.
Thanks for all your support Laura it really helps. You look after yourself and be kind to yourself as you deserve it!!!