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Hey Ms Cat it has been awhile!
I understand the work stress! The company I left 18 years ago was sold and they are laying off staff. If I had stayed I might be retiring this year. When I left I had $15k in stock. When I cashed it out due to gambling it was $80k and now it’s just a blank piece of paper.I can’t imagine how much I could have had by now. My guess is over $500k. I could beat myself up but instead I choose to believe that that wasn’t my intended path. Funny how we see the “good” that could have been but the “bad” also comes too. Maybe the blessings that I have in my life wouldn’t have happened if I had stayed. I doubt that I would have ever been able to buy my condo because my wages were very small. I could run the “what if’s” all day. It just wasn’t meant for me.
I am glad that you are still seeing the consuler. I hope for your husbands sake he seeks his own recovery. I understand the “dry drunk” issue. Like all addictions we have to face what the issues are that make us “escape” or at least try to escape because those of us who denigh history are bound to repeat it.