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I thank you again for all the support,im doing way better ,was on holidays ,from my work for 8 days ,was so busy crazy busy.
I have totally gotten over my exculated depression from banning
And the long weekened is past that was really hard on me.
On friday the kids put an offer in on a townhouse,joined effort and well it was excepted,just waiting for the final approval of financing from the bank sometime this week.
Im so afraid my son will be denied they say he qualifies ,but just.
You see i made him go bankcrupt ,and he is only 26 months into his discharge,he said to me i sure hope i dont get screwed again.
AGH ,my stomach sank ,im not so sure how i will handle it if he is denied the quilt will kill me.
But if they do get it guess im moving,as i can not afford to live on my own,nor do i have the credit to even get utilities in my own name.
This means i will have to discard all of my belongings but a few odds and ends and clothes.
Trying and crying over this one ,but like all changes im sure time will heal it.
Took hubby out for a 2 hour walk tonight in his wheel chair nice ,fed him outside and when we put him back to bed ,they changed him and i noticed his bum was beat red,grrrrrrrr,sore sore ,i check him everyday for breakdown,so this happened like yesterday ,applied some cream i had ,but now i work in am the guilt is on the surface.
All of this just wears me out,and no matter how i try to make things okay ,im always blamming it all on me ,cause of the gambling,if i hadnt gambled etc .
So every once in awhile i get really depressed and i really need to shut my life down ,and it helps me.
Time is so far my best healer for anything,and this to shall pass i always try to remember ,but somedays it said more like and this too shall pass,WHEN when im six feet under,lol
Tomorrow i will go to work i do not feel refreshed ,im feeling the stress in me rising tonight,the go go go will all be back .
This life i guess ,and i should be grateful i have job.
So as long as thing stay on an bit if an even keel ,i will keep my head above it all.fingers crossed.
Again thank you for listening to me.