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Just a personal welcome as well.

I note that you are feeling rather unwell both on a mental/emotional level as well as physically. The consequences of gambling are making themselves known to you in quite a dramatic way. This could mean you are more likely to be ready to take action to change things. When a gambler is in denial, he can keep on getting deeper into trouble, continuing to chase losses and block out the voice of reason. Your mind and body are telling you things are not right and you have started to recognize the need to change. So take hold of this sense of need to motivate yourself to make the turn around you need in your life – for yourself and your partner.
Yes, people can get out of the ‘big hole’. As you can imagine from that metaphor, help and support are needed! If you are deep in a hole, it is very hard clambering up by yourself.! So make sure you continue to reach out as you have started by writing here. What about telling your doctor more about why you are experiencing problems? Help will be more relevant if you can be more open about what your needs are. Read the stories here, attend the Support Groups here (live time support), maybe see if there are local GA groups to attend etc.
Also, I wonder what your partner knows – you say she doesn’t know the full extent of the losses, but does she know how they came about? It is often helpful if a partner can take over the finances at least for a time, while the problem gambler gets established in recovery – the access to money makes relapse so much easier, the absence of money can help protect you from relapse. Everything you can put in place to protect yourself from opportunity to continue gambling will help you maintain your decision to stay free and build your new life for you and your family.

Keep posting and all good wishes.


Best wishes,