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hi Meghna thank you for reaching out. Day 23 G free. Time flies right? I’ve never been religious but I do believe in spirituality and good things coming to those who are going through hard times. For years I have been personal training but never focused 100% on it, since my gambling relapse Nd graduating college I have focused on growing my business and in 1 week just througg networking I have gained 3 extra clients. it’s cool because i Work for Myself, I met with my mentor and he is helping me with marketing and trying to help me get even more clients, my point is with growinf my business I am chipping away at my debt, and helping people get in shape and gain confidence. I’m making great money the right way, not watching a ball spin around a wheel or a card flip hoping it’s a face card with my ace. I still think about my losesss sometimes during the day and get upset the amount I lost, but I’ve got good people in my corner and in no time I will have 0 debt again and can start saving, working hard, growing my business, and never stepping foot in that evil place again, to me, those people are criminals. Knowing I have a self ban, checking my ID, and still allowing me to keep losing thousands of dollars. It’s sickening. I hope your journey is going well, and I appreciate you being there for me, through my dark days. Here’s to almost one month gamble free. I know we can all do this. Cheers and much love to all