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I’m sorry I haven’t posted in so long. Over two months it seems! I just wanted to check in to say hello and let you know that I’m still gambling free. I’m feeling good about my growth as I have been recognising different triggers which appear, which used to encourage me to gamble. They don’t have the same impact anymore. Emails still arrive in my junk sometimes, despite my best efforts to remove and unsubscribe from everything. Previously I would have been tempted to click through, now I just delete. Boredom used to be a big problem for me too and I was terrified of the pandemic lockdown being one great big stretch of boredom, but I’m pleased to say that hasn’t been the case. I have found a new income stream which clicks well with my creative side, selling card designs through an online retailer. (When my other work dried up I had to figure something out, like many others). I love the design side of things and watching my progress grow with sales every day. It is entirely possible that I’m not tempted to gamble because I’m happier. Whatever the reason, I still know not to get complacent. I do my best to be vigilant, wary of potential triggers and being sure to respond in the right way. It’s a long road but it feels good!