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Hi again everyone,

I want to give an update to my situation. The divorce was finally completed last month after many delays. My daughter is doing well and love going to her preschool. She spends two weekends per month with her mom. My ex still goes to the casino regularly and sadly she takes my daughter there to have dinner at the buffet sometimes. Most of her friends hang out around the casino. Legally I have no right to prevent her from doing it. I told my ex to leave my daughter with grandma (her mom) if she wants to have dinner there. She agreed but I know she still take my daughter to the casino for buffet dinner. I worry that she may forget about my daughter one day. I told my ex that if she is busy, I am OK with taking care of my daughter. She took the offer immediately, my daughter supposed to be with her during this July 4 holiday weekend but I am with my daughter now. I need a break sometimes, but am OK with that.
Besides this, my life is going very well. I have a girlfriend. She is single, never married and 10 years younger than me. We have many similarities and common interests and we are getting serious. I am dealing with some trust issues but my girlfriend is extremely patient and she understands about my situation and what I have gone through. I received another promotion at work and financially I am secured. Overall I am happy with my life. I know that I made the right decision for me and my daughter.
Many thanks for reading and for your advice. I hope my story gives some of you hope. I have learned so much during the last year and mentally I am much stronger.