It really is SO frustrating trying to get a cg to really hear how you feel about the addiction – so frustrating, it probably isn’t worth doing. The cg will only hear, when he has changed inside himself. Velvet has some great descriptions which she has no doubt shared already about talking to a cg being like talking to someone with their head full of water! It is maddening, so I hope you can give yourself a rest from it – a little something that will release you a bit?
An escape from reality? – I imagine that is an escape from the reality of your husband’s gambling. But I would venture to say that that is not really avoidance of responsibility in the way we usually think of it – do not take on guilt about putting HIS addiction aside. If you can ‘escape’ into something you really enjoy, that will do you good, I think – what takes your fancy? What makes you joyful? Something you can get ‘lost’ in for a while? – music, dancing, a good book?? I don’t know, but whatever it is, have a go today, I suggest.