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I’m day 31 gamble free today. Let me tell
You it hasn’t been easy. I had a dream I gambled
Last night and I woke up with a strong urge.
I drove near the casino and even though I was banned
I thought of a way I could disguise and sneak in.
I turned around. I don’t want to feel the Pain of losing
Hard earned money, I never want to feel that pain again.
I guess finances aren’t the greatest right now and I think
Of those times I ran the chips up to 20 thousand bucks ina. Couple of hours. I reminisce on those days, but know it was not real because I lost it all. I will always be a gambler till the day I die, I want to keep going strong, new month and will continue my streak, here’s to a better gamble free life. Day 32. Cheers