Thank you so much for your kind comments. Ive always been an honest person so my comments have reflected this, good times and not so good times. I am currently continuing to work on self empowerment with forgiveness. While we continue to focus on the cgs, life will continue to keep giving us problems. We cannot fix them, we can only help ourselves, look how long it took me to realise this and be strong enough to do something about it! Ive had to look so deep to find out why i continued to enable him so long. Ive found beliefs in me of: if i dont help him he will reject me and abandon me; i dont trust him to do the right thing; love will conquer all; he will/is bringing shame on the family; i wanted to make up for the horrible childhood he had concerning his father etc etc. Ive been able to accept these now and am learning to self love so i dont need these beliefs in my life. Ive learnt to forgive myself for enabling him and to let him go to take the consequences of his actions. Who am i to control his life like this? Big lessons learnt and i still hope one day he will seek help for himself. Much love to everyone xx