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Been a while since I’ve posted but I wanted to fill everyone in. It has officially been just over two years since I last gambled, Yay!!!! I am here to tell you it gets easier with every passing day. I think I may be one of the lucky ones. After my ordeal, going to jail and all, I truly don’t ever think about gambling. Well that’s a lie, I think about it but in a totally different way. When I think about “it” it’s not about going or the desire to play it’s about how much of my life was wasted in the act. How much I lost and am still losing because of it. looking back it’s strange, I truly don’t recognize that person that I was. It seems like it was all just a bad nightmare. I know, of course, that it wasn’t. It was very real! Heartbreaking, sobering, and humbling in it’s own way. I’m still struggling to rebuild my life, it’s going to take years to come back from the financial end of it all and even longer to mend bridges, but I’ll do it. I’m determined to do what it takes.
I encourage anyone who is struggling with gambling to just keep trying. I can contest to the one day at a time, I now have that tattooed literally on my body. It really does work and with every day that you successfully stay away from gambling it only gets easier. you really do need to find new hobbies, maybe pick up a few old ones that you left behind. Fill the time and your thoughts with life and you’ll get there. ..
Till next time “one day, one step, one breath at a time”!!!