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Hello GT World,

Just thought I’d stop in and say hello and give everyone an update. Seeing a Lot of familiar names on here still which is nice. Good to see people are helping others.

I just passed my 2 year gamble free Anniversary on Dec 27. So that’s good. Life actually is pretty good. Quitting gambling was by far the ultimate game changer in my life. Sometimes I think about gambling. I turn on a game and watch for a few minutes before I pass out of boredom. The truth is. will never gamble again. It took so much from me for so long. And quite frankly it doesn’t work… The match doesn’t lie. I worked for over ten years and made pretty decent money… when gambling. To show for it and all my genius and all my plans and all my tomorrows I was living in my dads garage, driving a beat up car, always feeling the stress, never having time for anything or anyone, being n debt up to my eye balls, loving pay check to paycheck, feeling lonely, feeling like a nothing blight on society, always looking for the next score, not eating well, etc., it never er ended. Just a process of shit.
Because I was able to quit gambling I have the following now. A great and clean apartment with all the nicest things a person could want, I was able to leave a decent job and take on a bigger challenge and seemed out a better company and got it. still have the same car as I like to save money. Have a chunk of money invested in the stock market and am doing ok. Have an emergency fund. Am taking great care of my teeth. Get acupuncture, massages, treatments for my back, etc. I could get fired tomorrow and bye fine on money for at least 2-3 years because of the money I have saved over the last 2 years.
I’m not saying this to brag or say how great I am. I’m really not great. I’m always hurting just like anyone else. But now I just don’t gamble. I don’t allow it in my life. It’s bad. It’s the devil. It’s the worst of a person coming out.
We can all stop though. We can have life back. The simple choice of not doing it will solve the equation. It takes time. It takes patience. It takes inner strength. It takes everything you have and more. Gambling compulsion is a very serous issue and needs to be dealt with with the same ferociousness that you gambled with. A non stop will to say NO.
Good luck everyone. I love you all.