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I have just read through your thread, including all the responses you have had. Some folk have written very bluntly and honestly – I think because they can see that you are most likely in a lot of danger, but are rationalising the warning signs, because you also see something that you really, really want. As others have already said, that ‘something’ may turn out to be part of a big manipulationon on the part of your girlfriend.
I too would say please look after yourself, protect your finances, look for a sharing of responsibility in this relationship etc. Be prepared to step back a bit and put some healthy boundaries in place – if you can’t get cooperation on that, ask why and if things are right for you.
I think most of the important points have already been made quite forcibly. Do please take care and perhaps pause before things go further – if it is a good relationship, it will pick up after a pause, but, if not, you may just save yourself from a lot of pain.
Do offer your support for your g/f to work on her own recovery, but don’t risk your own well-being and safety.

Best wishes,