Hello Hope and welcome to GT!
I am not a CG “partner”.
I am a Compulsive Gambler, so I can only speak from that perspective.
Firstly I want to congratulate you for having the courage to uncover your CG’s secret and seek intervention. That was a huge step! Having family on board will be a great support for you.
It is also a good move to take control of finances , computer access, passwords and PINs, BUT
and this is a very big but
Unless your CG WANTS to stop gambling everything you do is waste of time as far as he is concerned. In fact trying to stop a CG gambling before he is ready, is like tying up a lion in a plastic bag and hoping he won’t escape!
My “advice” to you , for what it is worth, is PROTECT YOURSELF,your children and your home. Control the things that are within your power and let the rest go. And that includes your CG.
You cannot take one step to stop him gambling.
The more you try , the more he will resent your “interference”. You will be blamed/punished and resented and I can tell you from experience a CG will get money to gamble no matter what lengths he was to go to.
Keep posting here. Join the F and F chats. Keep your money well hidden. Tell your CG what you are doing and why and then………Let him go and stop trying to control him! He needs to control himself!