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Hello I Can,

Were you able to get to the gym today or doing anything for yourself? I have no doubt you will find something that allows you to feel good AND find your groove!

My legs and abs are mad at me today, but totally expected from being away from training for so long. Tomorrow morning is my swim/cycle day.

For me, the game changer of this new program has been the nutrition side of the challenge, since 80 percent of body composition is from food and 20 percent from exercise.

Fortunately, one of my new interests at the beginning of my recovery was learning how to cook and preparing homemade meals. What a coincidence, right? I’m finding out my food discipline needs a lot of work, though, since I’ve never had to watch what I eat before. Meal planning is time consuming, but I don’t mind. This new program is going to keep me really busy for the next couple of months.