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Hello James ,
Welcome to GT site. You cannot imagine James how happy I am when someone in his own searching arrives here in the site.
A warm welcome for me and from all the others members here. Here you will see that you will find true support with no judging. The addiction James is something that no one wants it in his life. If I ask your wife she doesn’t t want it either.
The Gt on weekends are very quite. But on Monday you will see the difference. Here will find support groups and you can speak on real time with people who are in the same situation like you. You can read real stories from the journal (where a cg writes and from Friends and Family where a non GG writes)
I can understand very well James your feelings, your disappointment, your fear your Unger your stress, your questions: why this happens in me? What I did wrong, what will happen to my baby, why so many many lies, fights etc etc etc . Believe me I can hear you very well even we are in different countries.
You wrote on your post:
“But it is really hard to separate her money and mine because when she pays her debts she is not helping with the expense””
That was the same question I had the first day I came here. That was my first post, The Unger with all the other feelings. But on time you will see that things that are important for non cg are not so important for cg and the opposite.

Here in GT you will meet velvet. She will find you or you can find her first on the support groups of F&f . She is giving her life to help all of us .Please go to her group you are more than welcome there.
Please try to separate the addiction from your wife. There 2 different things. I know that is too hard to separate it that is why I’m saying please try. Give yourself all the knowledge that you need. Here you can find so many recourses . Your enemy is the addiction not your wife my friend, so please read and read as much you need and earn all the power against the addiction. Your recovery is very important James and your recovery is different from your Gg recovery.
I’m ell I’m 37 years old with a baby girl 24 months like you and my hb is a cg in recovery .We are married 2 years now. I learn that he is a cg 1 year ago.
It is an honor to meet you James. Please stay connect on GT every day and you will see the difference .

Stay strong with all my love ell

Please excuse me for my english are not very good .