I have thought of you at times and wondered how things worked out. I am so pleased that you have written here and for the news you have given us.
I can see the truth of all you say. I’m sure Velvet would say ‘don’t do regret’ – even about the things you think you did ‘wrongly’ or ‘too late’ etc. Today, you are in a new place and that is so wonderful. It will still be tough at times, but things will make more sense and you will be less troubled. You will have peace of mind, in spite of the ordinary struggles of life.

I always admired the adventurous things you did in life and now you are on a whole new adventure. Women in their fifties are great!! (I am soon to leave my fifties behind!!)

Thank you so much for this post. I send you lots of lots of good wishes for now and all the future, for you and your family.