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I have read through your thread and feel inspired by your positivity and new found freedom/outlook on life. Every post from every person on this site gives me a glimmer of hope for my own (hopefully clean) future.

In one of your posts you say “just for today I will try not to fix my whole life problems at once”. I can totally relate to this. I am only on Day 3 and yet my head cannot stop spinning trying to find a way to make everything better over night. One of the many reasons I gambled I suppose – I stupidly thought it would be a “quick fix” solution.

Patience is not something I am very good at, but I shall have to learn very quickly in order to get myself out of this financial, emotional hole that we all find ourselves in.

Anyways, thanks again for your thread – just like many others it makes me smile and gives me hope.

Sending love and strength x