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I don’t post very often now, but I don’t think I can add much to Vera’s words of wisdom. You have started recovery by simply coming here and reaching out for help. I could lie to you and say that’s all you need to do, but any day not gambling is a good day!!! Take it one day at a time, don’t focus on next week, just today, and sometimes it’s just getting through an hour. What can you do so that you don’t have access to cash. Always remember NO MONEY = NO GAMBLING!!! Is there anyone that you can ask to look after your money for you for a while. Is there any other support that you can get, is there a GA close by. Reach out and grab all the support you can get. I know for me that I went to counselling and it was a big help. The interesting part is that the counselling was through the Addictions Foundation, it was free as it was sponsored by the Casinos LOL In a way it was not free to me as I had more than covered my counselling sessions with all my losses at the Casino.
Keep posting!!!