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Hello my lovelies! I feel like a gate-crasher. Having not been on the site for so long… its like I opened the door and found a flash new GT “office” with big new neon signs !!! Haven’t got my head around the changes yet, and cant find my thread (it was probably getting long and boring anyway LOL), so I thought …….I’ll search Kathryn! And I find the lovely Vera in here too (tiocfaidh ar la to you my dear xxx). Now if I can just find Velvet………… she’s probably in a back office somewhere, tipped off her zimmerframe, and worse for wear on Amaretto hahahahaa .
I hope you are all well. I am SO glad to see this site is not only still here, but re-invigorated as well! At a desperate time in my life, this place saved my soul and helped me make some sense out of the insensible. My thread was named ‘finding peace’, and to a large extent…. I have found it (peace, I mean. Not my thread. still looking for that) . God bless GT and the amazing friends I have here who helped.
much love and light
P.S. I’m off to bang on Harry’s door to find my *&@**! thread! (LOL)