Hello my sweet tootall. It is so nice to meet you .
Thank you very much for your so kind words on my thread. Tootall, you already know that this site will help you a lot .
I know that you feel it that in here you will find help , hug and power.
The knowledge in here is precious you will see one day at a time the progress on your self .
Im here 12 months now and i m reading the site almost every day . It is my help .Everyday i learn something different that i didnt know.
Please stay connect to this site and you will find your power because the power and the peace that you need excists beleive me.
Write down in here all your thoughts every day all your feelings and all your questions …take it out of your chest .
No one in here wanted to have partners with the addiction but it happens sometimes to someones .
You are here and all of us understands you and feel you with no judging. The priority is YOU .
I know that now it is very very difficult time for you . We all in here can feel it . Dont let down your guns . Maybe you can not feel it but your posts are very strong , you are a strong woman and it is an honor for me to know you.
Give time to your self to undrestand the addiction and find the solutions . Please dont cry about things that you didnt did in the past , just focus on today .
You desrve to have a life with peace . Your hb left , i know how difficult is this and i know what the feelings is when he is not at home or on the same bed. The ups and down are so many .
Maybe you met velvet , if you havent you will , she will find you here after her vacantion . One advise that gave me is to look my self to do things for me and i did it tootall , when i did it my hb get a little bit “crazy” because he was my world and when i start just do things for me and my daughter and not for him ( he was texting me and i didnt answer, he called me and i didnt answer , i ate at the evenings and i didnt ask him anything, i was playing with my daugher and i just with a polite behaviour ignorig him ) his attitude changed. He had a clik .He beleived that i had left from the relationship . But in my heart not even for a day not even for a minute i abandoned him . I just never told him or texted him that.
i m not saying to you to do the same , Every case is different My cg wanted to take out the addiction of his life and he is comipment to this . And im trying to stand up for my self .
Tootall try to focus on you , You deserve all the hapiness my dear .
Now, we all in here we have the most difficult times in our lives ..
But we will survive , beleive it , The addiction is not stronger than you . YOU ARE STRONGER !!!!
with all my love ell