Wow your thread is so powerful to read, very clear and a great source of information in how this horrible addiction can effect those that live with a cg. Well done for writing it and sharing it.

I can imagine after the release, a period of grieving for your marriage, be gentle with yourself. If a cg can not help themselves they will not change. No one ever knows what the future holds and it’s only after a period of time we can look back and see how everything had to happen for us to reach our new destination.

The only validation you need, needs to come from yourself, again be gentle with yourself. There is nothing like peace of mind and taking back your own power and never letting another person take that power away from you again. I would respectfully suggest looking at yourself to find what you can do to attract a different type of person. If you do nothing you will attract the same type of partner.

Thank you so much for sharing. Best wishes San x