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Hello, Thank you all for your support. I am doing ok. It’s amazing how 3 hours of gambling can really wreak havoc on our lives. 3 hours out of 3 months. I have been so busy. I make Christmas gifts to sell. I have also been training for a part-time job that begins in January. My daughter is doing great. She loves her job and has even been out on a date or two. The kids are coming tomorrow and we will celebrate Christmas early, as my son will be with the in-laws Christmas day and Christmas Eve. Hubby and I have been on shaky ground. Lots of stress. I don’t know…maybe the empty nest thing just doesn’t work very well for us. We’ll see. Today, I want to make the best of today. Grocery shopping, maybe a little more gift shopping, solstice party…if I don’t get back here, may the spirit of the season be with you all.