Hello to all my special fiends

Hello me dear and lovely velvet
I know that I haven’t written for a long time but you are always in my thoughts
You were the most special person in my life
Im doing ok . He is still free. He doesn’t have problems . He still goes to the therapist but no for the gamble just to improve himself
I think that this gamble problem is in the past .
We are together with love and with no problems . My daughter is now 4 years old and she is doing well with her health problems .
Im ok I still work very very hard many many hours but thanks god we have jobs because here in Greece people don’t have jobs we have problem with the crises and with the refugees .
Here in Greece all the people believe that we must help all the refugees that is our duty to feed them give them clothes medicines what ever they need. That is why we canont close the country . I don’t know what will happen but if you speak with the Greek people you will see that even we have our own crises we are very proud when we help (i am too). Anyway I hope that all the Europe will find a good solution for all of them and for us too.
You are always in my thoughts . I hope that you and your family is healthy and happy.
My update as you can see is a life with no gambling problems . But still have my eyes open .
But I stiil cannot forgive …I haven’t reach there yet . I don’t know why but still cant . Many times I keep wondering why that happened many why and if .
Something is keeping in the same path …I think that im stuck and in my heart I want to forgive .but i need Real forgivness. I have peace in my heart but when something happen my mind thinks the worst scenario . I think that someday I will forgive .
Thank you all for all the help you gave me . and of course thank you velvet , you are a very special woman . You helped me and you still helping me and im very thankfull to you .
My wishes to you and your family .
Thank you for every thing
Of course I will write again …..

with all my love ell