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Hello Velvet,

Thank you! So am I, I really am. I was really lost before now, not knowing when or where I was going. It’s stressful livving like that – I’ve described it time and time again as being in limbo. I now have some focus, some motivation and a goal.

I have just spoken to the people in charge at GM and I am going to go back on my own – they won’t let any family members in so it’s not worth my mum flying back with me and then back again, especially if they’re going to wave her off at the front door. I actually would prefer going back on my own, so I’m almost glad in a way. We can do our goodbyes at the airport.

Thank you for offering to help her with explaining the procedure, I really appreciate it, and so will she. I will tell her today and see what she says. She doesn’t know much about the forums, but I’m sure she’d get something out of using them, just like I have.

There is no perfect time to go, but as you say, the 29th is the perfect day. That’s a contradiction but I understand what I mean, and I’m sure most of you do too. There’s no point in finding the least inconvenient day, as no day is convenient to start, but I am looking forward to it (in a rather strange way).

I love saying what I want on the forums, it’s my life, my story, and no one can judge me for it. You can get things off your chest that you never knew you had anyway, and it makes life easier.

My goal is to be gamble free by the time I go in, and if I achieve that (which I’m quite confident that I will), I will have been over 12 weeks gamble free. I will likely have a 12 week advantage over some people in there, and I hope that because of this that I can absorbe more whilst being in there, as I will be a lot more open minded and less stressed than if I had stopped gambling on the first day of going in.

Thanks for your time and your support Velvet, I really do appreciate it.

Take care, stay strong!

Mr Exon