Hello velvet
Thank you very much for your warm wishes.
Well now it is my second Christmas here in GT site. Sometimes Christmas are difficult.
I couldn’t have made it without you velvet. I read the site almost every day but I don’t know what to write. But I cannot stop reading and learning from you and all of course.
Yesterday I was crying velvet because I went out , I left from my work for some hours and bought presents , clothes , for my daughter (only for her). Ι spent money for my daughter , I own her this year to find present under the Christmas tree. I know that the money could go for a dept easily but I choose to take something for my daughter this year. Of course my hb wants it too.
My hb is still free. Yesterday I had a feedback from the counselor and he told me that my cg now is more mature and he is still free and he wanted to say me(the counselor) “”thank you for your attitude eli “”he told me that my attitude was the key for my cg. I believe that my cg will now know how to protect himself.
Im here with him and we still try to open ourselves. When I try to remember the last christmas I cry immediately . Last christmas was very hard for me .
I think now that I can breathe. I think now that he can breathe too. We are going to sit home under the tree and play with our daughter and help her to open her presents . I think that are her moments now and I want to live with her , these moments . I make a promise to myself that this month is my daughter month and I will live it with joy .
I know that without velvet I couldn’t have made anything . I wish you , from my heart the best wishes to you and your family . Love and health to you and your family .You are so special woman velvet and I hope all your dreams come true.
As for me I still walk like a turtle… my cg is waiting for me to reopen my feelings , I think he is ready but I think that I walk slowly . But I don’t care because now I can breathe , I think that the moment that I will be free (totally free) it will come for me too.
Thank you velvet so much!! You are a special woman and I will be with you at the serenity prayer at Christmas .
With all my heart and love and my best wishes to all my friends here monique-jenny-looby loo-no more-twilight -berber-sosad-adele-madge-san-denise-james -janey-harry i wish you health and strenght and thank you all for helping me.
with al my love