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Your son needs outside help. From my experience of trying to placate a wayward son (mine is not a CG, he has other “issues” similar to your lad, though)all the help I gave was rejected. Perhaps you should have a word with your GP and ask to be referred for Family Counselling. It would help you to distance yourself from your son’s behaviour (I was subjected to years of abuse from my darling boy) and your other children will be made aware of what they need to do. Learning to cope with that carry on is essential for your mental and physical help. I am a compulsive gambler. Therefore I blamed myself and allowed my son to accuse me of many things I was not guilty of.
Now is he going through a phase of pretending his parents don’t exist. I haven’t seen him for six months. It is not an ideal situation but at least I have peace in the home. It has been well over a year since I last gambled.
Of course parents will always worry about their “children”.
Using suicide as a threat is very common. Personally, I would not ignore that threat. I would suggest you contact the MH services if your son is expressing suicidal ideation.
Nobody has the right to abuse you in your own home. It took me a long time to stop pleading with my son to come home. It always ended in him exploding and me escaping to the casino. I do not blame him in any way for my gambling but I also refuse to allow him to blame me for his problems.
Until you take steps to put a stop to tolerating your son’s abuse, it will continue.
Well done on coming here seeking help. Keep posting.