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Hey 3Racer – Fist off I Want to apologize to you if anything I have said to you in the past has upset you. Geordie pointed out that I shouldn’t have talked about investing with you. And maybe he was right. I apologize if that was a bad thing to do.
I’m really sorry to read that you gambled again and that your struggling so hard. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been in your shoes and know a similar feeling. It’s a dull feeling. Like nothing matters. Your not hungry, your not full, your not happy, your not sad…. your just null to everything. I hated myself.
I know you can combat this disease. But you do have to stop. I’ve always had a hard time not saying the truth. I’ve never been one to beat around the bush.
Why do you continue to place wagers when you are certain it’s wrong? You and I are where we are because we couldn’t say no to gambling. You stopped for 175 days. You can do this again. No matter what happens just know that gambling isn’t ever the answer. In fact it’s the incorrect answer to all questions or feelings. Definitely delete the sports app. It’s just an app. I would also refrain from watching sports for a time being. Who cares what happens in some game on some team filled with a bunch of millionaires. I sure know those athletes don’t care to watch us work. Sports can be fun to watch once you have control of yourself again. I watched the Super Bowl last year and it was really good. Besides that I haven’t really watched any sports. I’ve watched an inning or so of a baseball game if in the bar or something. I know for me I had to tune out for a time being. The truth is I’m not sure I really like watching sports that much now that I abstain from gambling. Seems a bit meaningless. Tomorrow is day 1 for you.