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Hey B
It is good to hear from you. It is good to hear your husband is still gamble free. It is not good to hear that the other problems have not gone away.
It seems to me that watching porn as he does comes under Step 4 and I am wondering if he didn’t like what he saw in himself when he went to the retreat.. Maybe it would help to discuss this Step with him or ask him how he felt on the Retreat. Is he still in contact with his sponsor?
Of course I cannot know anymore than you whether he loves you or not but clearly he is still struggling with himself. Are his parents still a major factor in your lives?
It’s been a while B and I don’t know what has happened in the meantime. Did he complete his course to become a teacher? How is your job?
You were asking yourself in a previous post;- why ” i am sticking around.

Is it fear? Is it finances? Is it doubt whether I do love him still? Will he change?
I know you do a lot of thinking and I wonder if you have come to any conclusions over these questions.
Finally — How are your lovely children? Are your husband’s fathering skills progressing?
You say you are not happy with your husband a lot of the time – are you therefore happy with him for some of the time and if so what does that happiness entail?
Speak again soon B – I missed you