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Sure you’ve been here before, and yes its uncertain what’s going to happen… your going in with open arms, with honesty and the knowledge that you have this time shown huge commitment..

Sure he may take some convincing, it’s his business after all… but to me courage and honesty have prevailed so far. You’ve made adaptations to ensure he now get his money direct and you’re self refereed to a Rehabilitation Centre says so much about you knowing you need help and not being forced into receiving help, has he seen this side of you before, the committed honest courageous side… I hope all goes well

Just remember, make any agreement feasible, he’ll appreciate that your thinking this through logically and not making false promises….

On the “Oh before I go, one other thing, do you know if you’re still able to blog when in therapy?” you wont have access and too be totally honest, you wont have time your be too bust working on you