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Hey Charlester
Well done for what you did this morning that took courage, commitment and honesty, its true when you open up people will help. Unfortunately the benefits hear so much BS they often ignore what’s being said… but when someone is clearly being open and honest the human side of these guys does come out thus leading you to be treated as a human. Hopefully they have made it clearer for you to see a way forward
What I think is important is your doing what you need to do, you’ve told the benefits of your situation, can you not ask the benefits to talk to your letting agent… these guys are also human.
I’m not qualified to comment on aspects of benefits or how your letting agents think… but im just going to apply my logic, I may be well off
Letting agents know that housing pay in arrears, they know your unemployed. They also know that to have you removed is a costly time consuming process, kicking you out may leave a property unoccupied costing the landlord money, treat them like humans and see what reactions you get, it makes sense for them to work with you not against you… remember this is only my logic I’m not telling you what to do this isn’t my field
Tell them the truth, hiding will only make them think their being ignored… Charlester you’re on your way to giving yourself the best change by going through rehab, you’re doing everything in the right way, continue in that fashion.