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Sorry its been a while…….
You have been really brave logic and I know you find it so hard to step back but as V said you can start your new life now. It is not about physical distance it is about a different way of seeing things. You deserve a happy life, you deserve kindness and if you are not going to give these things to yourself who is? Two unhappy people do not make anything better, being your best you can be is always going to be the best thing because one happy, stable person has to be better than none. Nothing is ever determinant and things will change you can help them change in the right direction by looing after yourself. The walk sounded lovely, I prescribe more of the same. Royal Ascot plays no part in your life, dreading these occasions will make no difference to the outcome so why not just mentally burn the racing calender?

I always liked this quote ‘Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control over what you do have power over instead of crazing control over what you don’t.’ Lily x