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I am glad the F&F Cycle post was of use, we all need reminders sometimes, posting here is mine and I find more and more I read on the my journal too. Reading there it reminds me how far my partner has come. It is funny all these people with unique personalities all with the same excuses for why they are still gambling, all speaking with one voice – that of the addiction. There is always that one favorite they don’t want to miss, the sure thing, the tip or the sign that their luck has changed or the reason they were driven to it and just found themselves in the bookies again followed by the awful realization that they have been hoodwinked by their addiction and lost everything yet again…

Things do filter through though, drip by drip if a CG is moving towards acceptance of their addiction. I don’t believe words are wasted and I think less is more with time in between for those words to filter through.

So…Big day today! I really hope the interview goes well. As I said in my earlier post doing what you need to do for you is about stepping back into your true self not about moving away from him, I think ultimately it can take the pressure off the CG to know that another person has not been messed up by his addiction, they tend to carry a lot of guilt and regret around which erodes self confidence and self worth and makes recovery even harder. Doing what is right for you to build a good, positive life and make you stronger and happier can only ever be the right thing to do.

My partner is coming down on Sunday and really looking forward to seeing him, its been two weeks since his last visit.
I hope you have a lovely weekend with your family and time out to focus on you, there is nothing wrong with a bit of me, me, me sometimes! Enjoy your me time and all the best with your interview, Lily x