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Hey Rayman, you doing ok? So difficult. Does your work come with a health plan that allows counseling? I really think you need to talk with a professional. If you can find a well qualified professional with experience with gambling addiction it can be so helpful. My government runs a gambling addictions rehab facility and out patient program. Was the best “luck” I ever had. Gamblers anonymous also helped. My group was terrific. Barriers helped tremendously. This addictions is a silent killer. The shame at what we are doing keeps us from telling someone who can truly help us. I found someone to help with my money for a while. So I wouldn’t binge away all my savings. It’s like asking a drug addict who is just started rehab to hold on to a bag of drugs. It is true you need to find someone you can trust not to misuse your money. I chose a parent. You won’t have to do it forever but it sure helps with temptation. You can do this. Sometimes it just takes us a while to get the message how serious this addiction is and how long it can take to break it. We are never cured however. But we can have a good life. Thinking of you.