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Yes! My Husband, Step Father, Sister and I worked for the USPS. We had a total of 105 years of service between us.! I’m not going to stress over it! Whatever happens, I will deal.
Our government started depositing stimulus checks today. Whenever I receive mine it will be put into savings. My goal is to safe all that I can!
I’m tired today and a bit down! I guess that may be expected as I’ve been self isolating for 8 weeks, 4 weeks being sick with a sick 3 year old! Hopefully I can get some sleep tonight.
RG, for me it’s all about the soil. I direct sow the seeds. I use a mixture of organic soil and potting soil. I lightly water daily. I will plant the middle of May as the frost temperatures will be over. Plants are more expensive to buy. I don’t have a greenhouse or space in my shed to start seedlings. I’ve had great success with tomatoes and different kinds of squash. I try to add a new veggie every year to see how it does. If something doesn’t grow well or produce a lot, I replace it with something new the next year! Just experiment and enjoy!
Well, it’s time for bed! I’ve dealt with a cranky toddler all day. Tomorrow’s a new day!