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Hey Steev, 

I think you made a very good point with this sentence “We all have life problems – gambling just adds to them and masks some of the ones that we need to be dealing with”.

In fact gambling had the most catastrophic impact in my life, but it’s just a sign that I had a lot of issues to deal with. I’m trying to do it on my own, work on these issues, I’m even hiding it from my closest friends, but this weekend was so tragic that I couldn’t fake it anymore and hit rock bottom in front of everyone (like completely apathetic in a bar while we hang out). It was good to see who cared and who didn’t… Some of them texted me afterwards “you didn’t seem OK, what happened?”, others didn’t even bother, and that made me feel even worse.

Now I know I won’t be able to fight the addiction until I fix my psychological mess. I definitely need help. Will see what to do…