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Hey Vera ) “What do CGs do best?


Do we EVER win?


so damn true … wise words.
I understand what you say about the all or nothing part but thats a personal choice for me. It is something I have come to accept as a reality. But I am determined and am not out for the count. Love the bag of tools analogy … its what we need to do. Fill as many gaps as possible. Make and enable change within ourselves and start to actually have a life.

Your post got me thinking about just what a bad gambler I am. And im not talking the amount of money (and time) wasted (it is massive amounts over the years over 1.2 millon more probs with assets thrown in that were destroyed) but about how bad I am actually at gambling. If it moves I will bet on it. If it has some kind of sound or colour I will bet on it. Totally irrational , without any sense and doomed to failure. I cant even boast any major wins really apart from 1! That in itself tells me something.

Keep fighting Vera – we will all arrive at where we want so long as we dont give up!!!!!