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Hi Sam
How did the cake eating session go with the neighbour? Was the cake delicious? I love my food and i am always talking food with people, love to eat it that is, not so good at making it but that can always improve now i have time to work on other things. I hope you are having a good day and i am really amazed at how you are coming along. You do seem to learn quickly. I on the other hand did not learn quickly hence the reason me being here so many years and still learning. I try to think of it all as lessons now, each time i learn a little more but i can share along the way what has and has not worked for me so far. Thank you for posting to me again. It was nice to read the messages while drinking my coffee this morning. I hope you have a good day, keep breaking it down into small pieces of time. Just get through those. Whatever you are doing , it is working…