It’s a bit strange beeing here, because my issue is a bit different i feel. I’m new here, so I need some help getting over my EX boyfriend. The thing is that we broke up 4 months ago, but I’m not over him. He is a poker player, and he told me about this after 7months we became a couple (LDR). This was really hard for me, I felt my world just fell apart… but I didn’t leave him, because he promised he would stop! He never stopped…. after 2 years his playing became more agressive, and he kept saying “why aren’t you proud of me?”, “You don’t know how good I I’m” “poker is a sport, and I will never lose money”. Eventhough he really did profit alot from this game I was always afraid, and the worst part… I couldn’t tell people what he really did for a living, becuse I could see the judgment in their eyes… they were also afraid for my future, and who could blame them right?

The thing is that when we started talking (keep in mind the LD) he had no one. He didn’t have any contact with his family, and eventhough he didn’t say it I could see the pain in his eyes. He told me all the time that I was his world, and just the thought of losing me killed him…. fast forward I adviced him (kinda pushed) to try reaching out to his family, and so he did! I could hear in his voice that he felt much better, but they were still not close, I was his family! He needed me more then I needed him, untill they became a bigger part of his life. Things were still fine between us, we spent our summer vactation together and talked about future plans! I thought things were getting better. He started college again, and heavens I was proud! After A while we had our small fights (like every couple) and I didn’t think much about it… but then one day things changed all around! I had just booked my ticket (his request) to visit him, and bought him presents for his b-day, when he all of the suddon broke up with me, told me he was going to play poker full time, that I would never accept it, and left for vacation with his friends. I was heart broken, I couldn’t live with the fact that he did that to me… I waited one month and booked another ticked without him knowing… so we ended getting back together for 3 weeks, but after one fight he broke up with me again, saying I was a dramaqueen! Since then I haven’t talked to him! It’s just so hard to cope with the fact that he chose poker over me, that makes me feel really horrible, and sometimes I blame myself for not being more understanding and try to understand the game! In my mind I was trying to do what was best for him, but I only pushed him away…. it hurts!

I would love a respond! Best regards:)